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Women who behave rarely make history

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tylerl_hoechlin: @i_love_harveys @jrbourne1111 @danielsharmanofficial you’re on the clock! #IceBucketChallenge #StrikeoutALS


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The Howling Commandos Files - Italy, 1943

collected by the SSR and preserved in the memoir “The War Was In Color,” coming soon

"Damnit, Bucky! These are official!"

"Then you’re officially a jerk."

OK but can we talk about the fact that half the Howling Commandos are named ‘James’?

A. Isn’t Jacques the French version of James, or at least, has the same roots, thus making it literally four of the seven?

B. I did not realize that Morita was the medic, and now I love him like a million times more than I previously did and I did not know that was possible because OH MY GOD THIS GROUP MUST’VE NEEDED CONSTANT CARE.

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